BoatStars Ad Rates

We want to provide our advertisers an opportunity to truly represent themselves in the performance boating industry reaching over 100,000+ Viewers Per Month. In this industry we have found that well placed marketing provides a greater return for less money. With this in mind, we provide you with more advertising outlets than any other media company in our industry.Your advertisement will provide you with recognition from organizations, teams and fans from around the world. We are more than your typical online community or industry magazine. Through our digital resources we replicate your brands presence at events and races thereby reaching your target audience without your company ever lifting a finger.


Featured Advertiser Special (Home Page Ad) starting $500 Per Month

Your ad will be place on BoatStars.Com home page in a prime location (top)


•Ad size: 728px x 90px (Custom Sizes Available)


Platinum Placement Starting at $500 Per Month


Your ad will be placed in a prime position at the top as part of our featured advertisers banners placed on our Site Entrance (bottom), Members Profiles, Members Media Sections and all Digital Magazine Sections top rotating banners with a link to your site .


•Ad size: 728px x 90px (Custom Sizes Available)



Gold Placement Starting at $300 Per Month


Your ad will be place in a prime sport in the left side bar of our Digital Magazine Articles & Categories Section, Members profiles, and Members Media Sections rotating side banners with an active link to your site.


• Ad size: 160px x 600px (Custom Sizes Available)



Silver Placement starting at $200 Per Month


Your Ad will be placed in our Digital Magazine Articles & Category Sections left side rotating banners below the Gold placement with a link to your site.


• Ad  size: 160px x 250px (Custom Sizes Available)



**All payments are handled via Pay Pal or Mailed Cheques to ensure a safe and smooth transaction for both parties.