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The well recognized Zuperman "Man of Steel" Outerlimits is back now running in Sweden with its first appearance at the Sandhamn Shootout last season powered by Turbine Marine 1850 Hp+ power plants. The boat was one of the first turbine powered 48' Outerlimit Cats on the scene built a few years ago and ran here in North America for a short period when the boat went up for sale and had not been seen in some time. We are excited to see this great boat on the water again and despite early talk that the boat was only capable of a 180 Mph back when it ran here, we hope to see this new crew take the boat to speeds over 200+ mph which was first anticipated by Outerlimits. Stay tuned for more as we catch up with its new owners and check out this compilation we threw together featuring some of the great footage recently received as it gets lots of attention overseas:
(Screen Shot from the Construction Process Sections- Photo courtesy of Dave's Custom Boats Media Crew.) We were just passed along word that the crew from Dave’s Custom Boats have just released their new website today, which is packed full of great stuff from detailed specs and videos of all their models available to even a look at the process that goes into making their wild machines. Their new feature dedicated to showing you the work that goes into all aspects of the build including Graphics & Design, Constructions, Rigging, Upholstery and even their power options for a unique experience and a great new addition to their site that even includes shots from their entire construction of the hull. The DCB team is dedicated to leading technologies and build processes making this section perfect to help explain to fans/customers exactly what makes their boats truly special as attention to every detail is the key throughout their builds. So if your looking to build your own DCB or find a used one their new site is perfect for you as more details on their awesome line is now available, Click here or the image below to head over to it:
More great onboard footage just released this past week as one of the most anticipated boats to hit the offshore racing scene last season Envy Offshore and their 52’ Mystic powered by a pair of Stotler 1500 power plants finally made its debut after lots of extensive prepation and unfortunate holdbacks leading up to it last November at the 2015 Super Boat International World Championships in Key West driven by owner Chris Cox and throttled by Herb Stotler. After a solid week of racing with both the boat and Chris being put to the test for the first time the team finished 8th in the highly competitive SuperBoat Unlimited Class and looked great doing so as the boat handled the rough water of Key West with ease. Check out the onboard footage below and stay tuned for more as the team is scheduled to be at 7 events this season.
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