Hydroplane Racing 101

Hull Design(s): Air Entrapment 3-point tunnel

Average Size: 28-30' (Unlimited Class)

Track style: Oval, Closed Lake Course

Ideal Water Conditions: Calm to minimal chop

Affiliated Pro Organizations: H1 Unlimited


Brief Over View: H1 Unlimited Pro Hydroplane organizations is one of the world most well known boat racing organizations showcasing the fastest and modern hydroplanes in the world. These boats are capable of 200+ mph well being propelled by a monster turbine jet engine. These boats runs closed calm water courses how ever they do see some rough conditions once heats pick up and the boats start to fight for top positions. These machines are well recognized for their extremely wide hulls, Monster roaster tails, and blistering speeds with a sound like no other.


More Information to come including hull and track examples..

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