BoatStars Advertising Network

Welcome to BoatStars new advertising program, as of January 16, 2013  for the first time since our public release summer of 2011 we are now accepting advertisers on all levels. BoatStars is the fastest growing powerboat racing & performance boating entertainment company network in the world reaching over 100,000 Viewers Per month.


Are primary divisions are all connected via our new and  improved digital media network hub here at Are advanced media platform includes are digital magazine, exclusive community, digital media features, social networks and more..


Advertisers are the force that drive our company and allow us to provide fans and organizations with high impact media that is unmatched by any company in the industry. Help us create the largest high performance media company in the world and we will help expose your company to millions of viewers world wide!



 Why Should Your Company Advertise with BoatStars?

We our working to create a brand that is recognized as an influential company world wide. BoatStars.Com has gained strong brand identification, enabling you to build up your company’s image. Our advertisers gain value from association with BoatStars.Com and we attain our mission of the creation of high value contributions to the world of performance boating and powerboat racing. Your investment in the project makes possible the continued production of high-quality, news and media tools and features harnessed by organizations, teams, racers and fans from around the world.


Increase credibility and generate positive leads..

Your brand has its strongest impact in BoatStars.Com advertising opportunities. Our exclusion of heavily commercial sponsorships makes our sponsorship opportunities credible and memorable in our growing community. Maintaining a distinguished approach to your sponsorship is respected by our community and increases your brands effectiveness.


Connect More Effectively With a Growing Community!

BoatStars allows your company to begin a long-term relationship with the power boat racing community and industry in a modern and meaningful way; as we provide another avenue of support beyond traditional web & media advertising. Participating organizations, teams, and companies of the our project will provide your company with credits in a variety of locations, including but not limited to the highly trafficked BoatStars.Com and our Social Pages.


The opportunities of advertising with us....

With more millions of viewer each month in our first year between BoatStars.Com and our social networks, and with a large increase in traffic and supporting members expected in 2013, this makes for the perfect time to advertise on In the current economy we have seen a spiked increase in the adoption of free communities and open source news, specifically those projects like BoatStars.Com that provide publishing and marketing tools for companies, organizations, and teams at a low cost. BoatStars.Com and our social community are positioned perfectly to help businesses, organizations, and individuals harness the power of content management without requiring heavy cash investments. As the BoatStars social networks continues to grow, our sports fan base grows as well.