Offshore Racing 101

Hull Design(s): Deep V-hull and Catamaran

Average Size: 25-51'

Track style: Oval, Ocean Course

Ideal Water Conditions: Moderate Chop

Affiliated Pro Organizations: SuperBoat International, OPA, ClassOne, P1 Super Stock


Brief Over View: Offshore Racing consist of the big boys of the boat racing world being on average between 25-51+ feet with horsepower of well upwards of 4,000 horsepower produced by a pair of Big Block Engines or Turbines. This popular sport became very main stream in the 80's as in quickly working to the status of Nascar in mainstream motors. Offshore racing takes place in some of the worlds most luxuries beach destinations in the world taking place on ever continent in the world.


More Detailed Information to come soon including hull & course examples..



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