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(Photo courtesy of Cigarette Racing Team) Cigarette Racing marks their 50th anniversary by bringing on a new team president in a press release Cigarette Racing Team announced by Skip Braver, the owner and chief executive officer of the company that they have named from Mercury Racing GM Erik Christiansen as the companies new president. Braver who also held president position along with his many other titles included saying “I am not leaving the company, retiring from the company or selling the company,” Braver said. “In bringing on Erik, we are positioning Cigarette for a stronger present and an even stronger future.” Erik will be a solid addition to the Cigarette Racing Team.
Some sad news from our seas regarding Caldwell Racing Technologies president Matthew Caldwell who was severely injured during a photo shoot and with it there a major safety concerns many want to address but the almost no one better to hear it from then our friend F1H20 World Championships Shaun Torrente "I have been blessed to do what I love and race boats and specifically tunnel boats professionally since I was 14 years old.. That picture above is me crashing with @f1marit in Portugal 7 years ago.. it wasn’t my first or last crash.. A F1 Baba boat was crashed while doing a photo shoot yesterday. The person driving did not strap in and utilize the safety capsule as intended. He is really lucky to be alive. However he and the surgeons are in a fight to save his feet that were badly injured and nearly completely severed from his body.. What i am about to say may offend some, I am ok with that if it possibly saves one life.. These boats are not toys, just because you have run an STV at 120 doesn’t mean you can hop in an F1 boat.. Secondly if you get in a…
Its true, Nitro Circus leader and motorsports junky Travis Pastrana has confirmed through his social media with this post below that he will competing in offshore racing well atleast one event for now. This follows some teasers recently from LBS Racing (Hurricane of Awesomeness/Tug It) that he would be joining Brit Lilly and Kevin Smith as a driver at APBA Offshore’s season opener in Cocoa Beach. As one of the only people alive to willing jump out of a plane without a parachute as well as a X Games champion and dateline junky Travis is no stranger to motorsports driving anything with a motor and some with out to their limits boat racing seems like a natural fit. In Travis words how it came to be "When your childhood friend who happens to be a multi time off shore powerboat world champion (Brit Lilly) invites you to come watch a race and you jokingly say “I’ll only watch if it’s from the drivers seat” then he says “ok”.. " Catch him in action for his boat racing debut on the Space Coast May 18-19th. (Photo courtesy of Travis Pastrana)
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