Highlights from the 2013 Coniston Powerboat Records Week!

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Last week over 30 powerboat racers from all across the UK and Europe were on hand for the 2013 Coniston Powerboat Records Week on the historic water way of Coniston in the United Kingdom. This lake was home to the legendary Blue Bird and has played to host to decades of world record water attempts to this day. All types of race boats from around the globe took to the waters for this legendary week including Unlimited hydroplanes, Outboard Hydro’s, Vintage Hydroplanes, Offshore, Formula boats and many other classes that all put it on the line to break their classes world speed records. 



This year featured some great boats even hanging out and on display including the restored Bluebird K777 which is always a cool boat to see back out on the water. The big topic though was Mike Twigg who had the fastest run of the week in his F2 boat at 132.18mph, unfortunately Mike blew over after just crossing the finish line on his last pass of the week but thankfully he was ok, the fast official pass of 132.18 was also fast enough to claim the new world and national record in the UIM Formula 2 Class. 


It was a great week for all the teams that came and with many highlights including:


47 National Records broken and re-broken

20 World and National Records broken or re-broken

9 World & National records set

1 World record set

10 British National records set

60% broke or established a record

Mike Twigg fastest run of the week at 132.18mph



Photo courtesy of Powertech & John Peeters

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