Outlaw Offshore Looking to Set New World Record Tomorrow!

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Only 2 months ago the Lucas Oil Ocean Cup Team completed the long run from the Golden Gate Bridge to the QueenMary in 9 hours 50 minutes and 51 but after rough conditions, electrical, and fuel issues the were unable to beat the previous record of 6 hours and 43 Minutes. But tomorrow a new group of offshore racers headed by Bob “King of the Hill” Russell who will look to claim the world record in their 48’ Outerlimits Cat powered by sterling 1550's. This boat is much quicker than the boats that have attempted the record in the past so it is appears it will come down conditions and if they can keep the boat together over the 435 Mile run from San Francisco to LA. Their run will take place tomorrow morning december 11, 2013 and will be aired live via the teams official Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/OutlawOffshoreRacing


Photo courtesy of OutLaw Offshore Racing Media Crew.


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