Keeping Connected With The Performance Boating World In 2014!

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2013 was a big year in the performance boating industry and same for us here at BoatStars Inc. with the launch of the new and improved which showcased many of our digital networks new features including our enhanced digital magazine, media section and much more. With many of our networks features launched we couldn’t be happier with the over whelming response from fans and the industry so far, which we are proud to say now reach over 115 countries around the globe at over 1 million viewers each month via our digital network. Our official Facebook page saw over 35,000+ new fans in the last year alone showing your support for our efforts to connect performance boating and powerboat racing on a global level. With this in mind none of it would be possible with out the great support of you guys are fans who for the most part are all true enthusiast that come from all areas of the performance boating world. 


With 2014 now underway were are looking to continue to connect you in even more ways than ever in all areas of the performance boating world. You can continue to help us do this even more this season by letting us know what you got going on, If you have something you think we might be interested in from your latest project boat to breaking news from an event then be sure to send your story lead to us. This can be done simply by using the “Got A Story Lead or Question” (Click Here!) Button in the About Us menu at the bottom of 


 All we can say is this season going to be a big one. We are looking forward to another exciting year as we prepare to cover and attend more events across North America and around the globe then ever before. Be sure to stay tuned and don’t forget to send us your latest news..



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