Sad News As Steve Tripp Passes Away in High Speed Crash!

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(Photo Credit: Bobby D. Clayton at Fox 6 WVRC-


Sad news last week in the performance boating industry as a terrible early season crash on Coosa River in Alabama claims the life of Steve Tripp, the well recognized owner of RPM (Revolution Performance Marine) during testing Tuesday afternoon (February 18th). Steve along with passenger Mark Kent were traveling at high speeds in excuses of 100+mph when the boat suffered mechanical failure resulting in the crash.

Reports also confirmed Mark was tossed free and thankfully skipped on the water where he then swam to a near by island where he was picked up by fisherman who saw the accident they took him quickly to shore where he was taken to a near by hospital then transferred to UAB hospital  via helicopter where he suffered from a broken wrist and some bruising. Sadly Steve was not so fortunate and did not surface along with the boat after the crash resulting in a recovery search which was eventually called of tuesday evening with only debris and parts of the boat recovered. This is truly tough time and our hearts and prayers go out to the families of these men during this time, Steve will be deeply missed by many of us and we hope Mark all the best and a speedy recovery.




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