We Catch Up With SuperBoat Australia For The Latest On Their New SuperCat Extreme Class!

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We caught up with SuperBoat Australia to find out more about the much rumoured about addition of a new class, as they confirmed all the details of their new SuperCat Extreme Class (Class1) which is now the series largest horsepower class. The new class allows boats to run a combined total of 1500 Hp and with teams like the Navy Boat preparing for this new class it is sure to a fan favorite. The Class has been added with international presence in mind allowing both Class1 as well SuperBoats teams to meet regulations under certain conditions which are outlined below. As most of Offshore racing fans know the power to Weight Ratio for this class is almost uniform making every race a true drivers battle.  As of now the teams who have confirmed they will be competing in it is Team Navy, Hunter Storage-Maritimo, and Maritimo Ausralia with many more sure to come.


Paul Fowlds of Superboat Australia was is excited about the new class and added “We think this would form a good basis for fair competition, which is very important! Also this would give us the best chance to get boats out and racing based on the available boats in this country and the motors currently in stock in Australia.”  


In only a few short weeks the series will begin their 2014 season with round 1 in Newcastle stay tuned to find out who comes out on top in the debut of the new class.


Class Overview


-Average 2.848 Kilograms of weight per One Horsepower.


- Class One boats using UIM engine and weights are permitted a minimum length of 12 M. and a maximum Length of 14.63 M


-Class one boats using Superboat International Productions Inc.- Superboat Class engine and weights are permitted a minimum length of  10.973 M and a maximum length of 14.021 M


-UIM Allowed Engines and weights


ENGINE         Max PowerTotal Max HP      UIM Weight     UIM Homol

Nat Asp 775    775 + 2%1581HP                  4500 KG             Page 450

Nat Asp 850    850 + 2%1734 HP                 4950 KG              Page 450

Merc 850 SCI   850 + 2%1734 HP                4950 KG                 519

Lamborgini 4V 850 + 2%1734 HP                4950 KG                 420

Victory V12     850 + 2%1734 HP                 4950 KG                 505


- Superboat International Productions Inc. --Superboat Class

ENGINE   Max PowerTotal Max HPSB This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:1

Supercat 7507501500 HP4300 KG4272 KG


- No multispeed gearboxes


-Competitors may apply to the APBA Offshore Council for other engine combinations from time to time but approval when given must nominate specific weight for each approved engine package based on the ratio of 2.848 Kilograms per Horsepower. (This may assist some existing heavier boats to enter competition in future)


Photo courtesy of the Team Navy Media Crew.

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