New Details Surrounding Biddle's Disappearance And The Possibility of a Staged Death According To A Recent Law Enforcement Flier.

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Almost 2 weeks after reports of a tragic accident, more shocking details are making the main stream news across North America in the case of Andy Biddle’s disappearance as local police in LongPort release a “law enforcement only flier” in which they mention the possibility of Biddle staging his own death. 


Rumours had been flying around within almost hours off the accident from people whom knew Biddle which we were first weary about but insight of this new release from police it appears they are continuing the search for Andy who the police believe might be on the run as he reportedly was already facing criminal charges after 13 criminal complaints including theft and fraud with his business partner and fellow Super Stock racer Tracy Blumenstein who was arrested on charges back in February. Andy has a lot of connections both across the US as well as overseas so the new search effort could take some time but police are determined to get to the bottom of Andy's disappearance.


These are just recent updates surrounding the new search for Biddle and no one can confirm at this point weather Andy is in fact alive and well which most of us are hoping but we will be sure to keep you up-to-date on the story. If you have any details on the accident or the case please contact the LongPort Police as any information is helpful.


(Photo courtesy of local Police Authorities)

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