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(Photo courtesy of Jennifer Dillingham Photography) A special weekend coming up at the 4th Annual Old Hickory Fun Run hosted by the Tennessee Powerboat Club takes place this weekend July 29 & 30th and is looking to again be a big one with lots of boats making way to the run. The organization has recently release an announcement for those attending and who want to pay their respect, prepare a card or letters in memory or their good friends Anthony and Tammy of Saddle up and Art and Melissa who were involved in the tragic accident recently in Art's Skater on Lake Lanier as the will have a box on site for them that will be delivered to the families to show them support during these tough times. Best wishes and a safe weekend to all participating in the fun run, Stay tuned for more to come from the event..
Sad news confirmed from the Pirates of Lanier Poker organizers as early Friday afternoon Aruther Mcmahan in his 388 Skater blew over during a ride prior to the actual poker run along with 3 other passengers including his wife Melissa Renee McMahan, and friends and Anthony eece Jr. owner of the Saddleup Statement and Tammy Reece. We held off on the article due to nature of the accident being just prior to this amazing event and due to the fact the bodies were not located right away but since then the ladies were located after an overnight search as released by officials with the Department of Natural Resources Saturday, Both of the guys were located early Sunday. This did not stop the Pirates of Lanier poker run as organizers and participants decided to turn the run into a memorial run and limited all classes of boat to a max speed of 60 Mph and make safety their number one priority during Saturdays run. Our prays go out to the families of these fellow boaters and poker runners whom passed doing what the love its never easy for any of us to hear but it is a reality when enjoying our…
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