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This weekend the 2014 Super Boat International season kicked off with a bang as the first inaugural Charlotte Harbor Grand Prix was a complete success as it saw a great turnout of fans from across the sun shine state to watch 30 of some of the fastest offshore teams in the world battle it out on the waters of Florida. This weekend started with the street parade and block friday night followed by testing and beach party saturday night and ended with two action packed races sunday afternoon which teams saw perfect weather and great water conditions. The first race sunday featured to Superboat Vee class head out to the milling circle along side the production classes which saw a controversial but strong start from Snowy Mountain Brewery Super Vee Team as they walked away with the win from the drop the of green flag as Team Sun Print and the Phantom Crew fought head to head the entire race to see Sun Print take second followed closely by the #9 Phantom. In P3 the race came down to Back Pearl and 2nd Amendment after the Developer dropped out during lap 2 which allowed the Black Pearl Fountain to run…
The Venture Cup officially announced in a press release this week that British powerboat race team Martini Racing will be returning to offshore racing this year as they partner up with of Vector Powerboats for the 2014 Venture Cup race competing as team “Vector Martini Racing' this coming June . We have been following the build of the teams boat custom built V40R boat for several months now and the team has just released this final rendering as the boat approaches completion, and is set to showcase the iconic MARTINI racing stripes for the first time in nearly 20 years of being absent from the powerboat racing scene which also included their recent return to the Formula 1 racing series as the title sponsor of the Williams Martini Racing F1 team. This sleek new boat should be a very strong competitor in the Venture Cup London to Monte-Carlo race but as this race is anticipated to be one of the world most challenging races anyone could come out victorious so time will only tell.
This past weekend Poker Runs America kicked off their 2014 Poker Run season in Sarasota, Florida as some of North America’s most well recognized performance boats took to water for the first of the 9 runs held over this year by Poker Runs America to raise money for local charities across the U.S and Canada. With some big boats out for this years run the crew from Mystic Powerboat was on hand to provided assistance for their owners and after a great weekend they just shared with us this fun ride along footage from one of their 50′ Mystic’s powered by a pair of 1350 Mercury Racing power plants which joined along in the fun. Check it out and share with your friends. For more details on Poker Runs America 2014 Schedule head over to: http://www.pokerrunsamerica.com/events
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