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(58 Tirranna - Photo courtesy of Mercury Racing) Cigarette Racing Team comes out blazing in traditional fashion at the 2019 Miami International boat show as they celebrate their 50th Anniversary with these boats they unveiled. This also includes their monstrous 58 foot Tirranna powered by 6 Mercury outboards which truly turned heads and raise the bar for how many outboards one boat can have. 41 AMG Carbon Edition: 38 Top Gun 50th Anniversary Edition: 42 GTO Reserve: 42’ Huntress Elite Package) (Photos courtesy of Cigarette Racing Team)
(click image above to buy your own copy) This past year after much chatter surrounding the movie Speed Kills which was in the works featuring John Travolta portraying Don Aronow Cigarette Racings although referred to as “Ben Aronoff” in the movie, it has made it onto Dvd. Despite having very mixed reviews across the board from some people loving seeing the performance boating industry on the big screens to people who were disappointed by the how the story was presented and how the boats were represented. The basis of the movie dates back to when Cigarette Racing was in its early years and put light on what length Aronow was going to in order to be the best in the industry. The was summarized as Speedboat racing champion and multimillionaire, Ben Aronoff, leads a double life that lands him in trouble with the law and drug lords. For us die hard boaters and despite it supposed to being base on the true story many details have been changed so take it for what it is as a lot of true stories are not accurate as people think. This is one you will have to judge for yourself but we think…
Tough news from within the sport as word spreads that racer and tech Grant Bruggemann of Grants Signature Racing who many have come to know through his years of racing offshore boats as well as rigging and working on many of the top teams in racing as well as poker run boats across Florida State suffered severe burns from a fuel fume flash fire to over 60 percent of his body. He is now in recovery after surgery to his body, fortunately the operations have been reported to gone well as said by his wife but it will no doubt take time to heal after this horrific accident but fortunately he is holding strong and still with us. You can help support him and his family during this tough time with medical expenses through the gofund page set up for him via: http://bit.ly/2t99Jt1
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