Lightning Performance Group's V-16

For our first engine review of our new & improved digital magazine, we take a look at the powerful V-16 Engine built by Lightning Performance and designed by the master minds Keith Eickert and Don Onken. This V-16 Power plant is the company largest motor and we mean horsepower and size wise as this motor is a beast, made up of two custom coupled V-8 engine’s.

 This V-16 power plant was built to produce a whooping 1,500 horsepower seems like a suitable replacement for offshore performance boating enthusist whom are looking to stay away from a turbine setup. The advantage with the coupled motors also proves reliable well producing an amazing 1,600 lbs ft of torque which is also ideal for the larger hi-performance offshore’s to allow for faster take off as well as acceleration.


The idea behind the coupled V-16 design opposed to a larger traditional V-8 design to produce this amount of horsepower is all about reliability. With two couple V-8's, you are putting the motor under less stress and as well wear-and-tear. Although size and weight is much great than a single V-8 this compromise may be well worth it to spend less money on potential rebuilds and parts allowing you to stay out on the water and not in the shop to prove this LPG also offers a 1 Year warranty which is rare with hi-performance engines of this horsepower.



Review At A Glance 

  • Manufacture: Lightning Performance Group
  • HorsePower: 1,500HP+
  • Torque: 1,600 lbs Ft. of Torque
  • Design: Coupled V-8's
  • Value: Approximately $100,000+ U.S

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