Behind the Sport Chassis P4-XL Hauler.




    For those of you that are unfamiliar with SportChassis  they build some of the most heavy duty recreational and commercial pick up trucks on the market. These truck have become the go to hauler for performance boaters, racers and dealers across North America as these trucks don’t only tow big loads but they look extremely cool well doing so. If you've ever attended a poker run or offshore race the odds are you have seen one of these machines in person but for those of you who haven’t you have to see this truck to just understand how big and how awesome they truly are.




 Their big boy the P4XL is definitely one the most ultimate luxury sport haulers on the market. As the crew from Sport Chassis always says this truck truly has everything you could need in a truck from the ground up starting with the 174-in. wheelbase all the way to the 8.3L diesel, producing over 350 HP at 1020-ft/lb torque on an Allison TRV3200 in an effective 5-speed configuration. This truck provides more than enough power to pull your boat up that slippery ramp or pull your boat across the country to the next poker run. The P4-XL comes rolling on Four 425/65R 22.5-in  with the Cummins ISC, featuring shift-on-the-fly technology that allows you to move your boat or toys from point A to B with no effort. Not to forget this truck comes with a full custom Cab that features all the latest technologies and accessories you could ever need in a vehicle. 




If you get the chance be sure to sit inside of this beast and were sure you’ll be impressed to and when you see some of the boats this trucks hauls you know its all bussiness..





(Photo's Courtesy of the Official Sport Chassis Media Crew.)

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