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Cigarette Racing Reveals New Electric Top Gun!

This weekend at the 2013 International Boat Show Cigarette Racing once again released on of the industries first this awesome Electric Powered 39' TopGun AMG model. This awesome boat was designed to showcase what could be a big movement in performance boating engines with the amazing 12 engine electric powered setup designed to give boaters a completely gas free machine. This machine is capable of 100 Mph plus with hours a few hours worth of fun before requiring recharging. 


Each of the 12 electric batteries produce a 185 horsepower with 184 Ft Ls of torque which doesnt sound like much but with the unique symmetrically mounted and placed engines the team was able to produce a amazing 2220 Hp with 2213 Ft-Lbs of torque which is insane for electric marine engines which are still a relatively new concept coming into the recreational boating industry. The 12 engines were also split into a duel engine setup providing the same handling and feel as traditional twin engine setup. The electric set up also showcased just how effective spaced can be used to produce this massive 2220 Hp as this setup requires far less space then conventional gas engines capable of even half the horse power and give the engine bay a super clean look.

Cigarette racing also continued to keep tradition by introducing all the most modern interior accessories on the market to this new model and also provides users with a traditional feel from the helm with these next generation motors. All this was presented in a super sleek mated paint scheme a companied by a matching New Limited Edition AMG Electric Car.



Last modified on Saturday, 16 February 2013 17:36
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