Mercury Racing 400ROS Released


Mercury Racing has released one of the most well built high performance outboards to date this month the 400ROS which was showcased in Key West for the Super Boat Worlds as its public release. 


This power plant as named "ROS" which stands for Race OffShore is truly built from the ground up for racing in some of the worlds toughest conditions well being a light enough four stroke to meet the demands of light outboard classes of all sizes.


Built off the newest foundations of the reliable four stroke Verados including the 400R this engine is completely refined for race applications to replace the ever popular Merc 2.5 and 2.4 generations to meet the new demanding emission laws around the world. Proven through vigorous testing behind the scenes with the XCAT World Series the team at Mercury Racing are sure that this outboard will surpass all past generations of race outboard which the company has become recognized for. As a testament to the XCat World Series the first showcased motors are representing the series insignia but we are sure many more options will be available.



The company is also proud to announce that these next generation race outboards are parable with their zero effort controls which allows users the ultimate experience at the controls with lots of digital features and easy synchronization of multi engine setups. To handle the power of these new motors the company has released a completely new line of props available in both 5 and 6 blade configurations ready to hit the track and help the 400+Hp get to the water.


Keep an eye for lots more to come on this motor as it appears to be the future of outboard offshore racing.



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