Miss Geico Takes Top Spot In Cocoa Beach at the 2014 Space Coast Super Boat Grand Prix!

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(Photo courtesy of the Official Miss Geico Media Crew.)

This weekend thousands of fans headed out to one of Florida’s most popular beaches to watch SuperBoat International teams battle it out on Cocoa beach at the 2014 Space Coast Grand Prix. With over 29 boats lined up to take the challenging waters fans were treated to some great parties this week alongside an adrenaline packed weekend of racing as the rough waters brought some big air and close calls as teams pushed their boats to their limits. 

The big talk of the weekend was the highly anticipated match up between Miss Geico and Spirit Of Qatar in the the Superboat Unlimited Class for the first time since the 2013 Worlds In Key West and as promised these two boats both powered by a pair of Mercury Racing 1650’s fought nose to nose almost the entire race but after 13 fast pace laps Miss Geico’s Marc Granet and Scott Begovich come out victorious to claim the top spot of the weekend. 

All the teams from every class this weekend did a truely amazing job taking on the challenging waters showcasing the true skills required to be Super Boat racers. Two other teams we had to mention was SuperStocks team SOS Venesuela who managed to take on the endless beating in their smaller outboard powered rig and to STIHL in the SuperBoat Class who also put up a flawless performance from start to finish. For those of you who missed it the only way to sum up how great of a weekends is to head over and catch the replays from both race 1 and 2  for your self at http://new.livestream.com/sbi/cocoabeach2014. Also check out the unofficial results below:

2014 Space Coast Super Boat Grand Prix- Unofficial Results

SuperBoat Unlimited

113 Miss Geico

613 Spirit of Qatar

77 Lucas Oil SilverHook


SuperBoat Extreme

22 Instigator




5 WHM Motorsports

20 Spirit Of Qatar

05 Broadco

38 WarPaint 

33 Racing For Cancer



SuperBoat Vee

51 Sun Print

2 Scott Free Racing

9 Phanton

107 Absolutely Not

V-1 JD Byrider


SuperBoat Stock

S-111 SOS Venesuela

S-516 Rollin Vengeance

S-1 GB Racing

S-5 Porta Product

S-31 The Hulk Redline Oil

S-11 Reliable Service


Manufacture P3

P3-23 Black Pearl

P3-90 The Developer

P3-2 2nd Amendment


Manufacture P4

P4-30 Dare Devil

P4-33 Two Cruel

P4-28 Knot Crazy

P4-33 In Tone Crazy Chicken

P4-9 Team Raven 

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