American Sprint Boat Racing takes to Webbs Sloughs

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The American Sprint Boat Association started off their 2014 season last weekend at Webbs Slough in St.Johns, Washington with full line up in the all three classes to make for a none stop action packed weekend including some fast laps and some big spills. 


Catch the entire weekend from Qualifying to the awards ceremony via the ASB Racing official UStream channel at:


Top 3 Results froms Webbs Slough-St. Johns


Modified Class

1st- Jensen/Jensen #8

2nd- Florko/Dunham #166

3rd- Ackerman/Reynolds #17


400 Class

1st- Hendrickson/Muller #01

2nd- Hughes/Haskey #88B

3rd- Cook/Cook #88



1st- Morrision/McGuire #10

2nd- Lautenschlauger/Stone #34

3rd- Sparling/McNeil #04



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