Nitrochondriac Wins 4th Annual Diamond Drag Boat Nationals

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(Photo courtesy of the Official Nitrochondriac TFH Media Crew)


Over 115+ drag boats of all classes took over the Lucas oil Speedway in Wheatland, Mo this past weekend with the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series for the 4th Annual Diamond Drag Boat Nationals which featured lots of great head to head match ups  including the final round match which saw Bryan Sanders driver of Nitrochondriac come out hard to take the top spot over Spirit of Texas making them the series leaders heading into the final races of the season. 


The big news of the weekend next to Nitrochondriac win was the violent crash that took place this weekend involving Whiskey River II when the parachutes ripped off the boat after the 240+ Mph run causing driver Jeff Gregory to collide with the catch fence with his capsule ending up on the rocks surrounding the track at over 80 MPH, despite the extensive damage to the boat Jeff survived the crash and was air lifted to a local hospital where he reportedly had an operation to repair his leg and is currently doing well in recovery.


Top 3 Pro Class Series Leaders After WheatLand, MO



1st-  #246 Nitrochondriac  2644

2nd- #807 Spirit of Texas  2638

3rd-  #712 Problem Child  2230



1st- #923 What A Tomato 1324

2nd- #437 Meanstreak II  1010

3rd- #521 Pure Nasty Too 914



1st- #737 Oklahoman 2850

2nd- #339 Shazam 2336

3rd- #Party to the Max 2132



1st- #881 Livin Tha Dream 3042

2nd- #716 Top Secret 3030

3rd- #411 Texas Bounty Hunter 2776



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