Tuesday, 26 February 2019 20:34

Vintage Boat Racing Starts And Ends In Tavares

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March brings in the start of the spring as well as the start of boating season for many vintage boat racers who bring out pieces of history to show just what the classic boats are capable of well bringing history back to life. 


Tavares, Florida will be seeing outboard tunnels, hydroplanes, skiffs and much more even including two of our BoatStars Vintage Teams twin outboard Switzer wings come into town March 15th-17th down in Wooton park the sea capital of the world to take over the waters. This is the second annual event following the November one this past fall hosted by Florida Vintage Raceboat Club after taking over what was once an annual event by CRA but now succeeded by the new organization. 


The vintage events are also special because not only do you get a chance to see boats that played a big part in our sports history but also some of the big names that made the history what it is. Walk through the pits through out the weekend when pits are open to get an up close view of the restorations and who know you might run into. Stop by as well and say Hello to our BoatStars Vintage Race Boat Team- “Yolo” drivers and get a view of our 18’ Switzer Wing Red Bird and our 20’ Switzer Wing Thunder Ball.


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