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The 2015 USF1 Powerboat Series Kicked off their season in La Porte for the Maple City Grand Prix which included a huge lineup of boats as over 21 F1 drivers alongside 11 Formula Light Drivers and even J class boats made it out to the great venue which also saw a huge turnout of fans. Some fan favourites were also on hand to get a early jump on the points battle including Seebold, Fairdchild, the Rinker boys and Mark Major who all top contenders as seen for the past several seasons. Although tough weather did effect the weekend schedule slightly it also resulted and provided a unique opportunity and setup as the organization was forced to do their first ever pace boat style start which was only also recently seen for the first time over season with the F1 H2O series to accommodate conditions as well. For those of you who missed that action head over to Maple City Grand Prixs Official Facebook Page for some great clips and photos from the weekends events. F1 Results 1. Tim Seebold- 124 2. Terry Rinker- 119 3. Chris Fairchild- 104 4. Rob Rinker-108 5. Jeff Shepherd- 99 6. Mark Major- 89 7.…
Some great on board footage from the top contenders at the 2015 Super Boat International Season Opener in Cocoa Beach as CMS Offshore Racing battled head to head with the Miss GEICO Unlimited boat to find out who would be taking home the top spot of the weekend and after some great racing in the rough conditions the CMS 48’ MTI powered by a pair of Mercury Racing 1650's and driven by Jeff Harris alongside throttle-man John Tomlinson came out with the win to claim the Space Coast Super Boat Grand Prix. Check out the footage below and be sure to share your friends:
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