Tunnel Boat Racing 101

Hull Design(s): Tunnel Air Entrapment

Average Size: 14-19'

Track style: Drag Start to Oval Course

Ideal Water Conditions: Calm- Mild Chop

Affiliated Pro Organizations: OPC, F1H2O


Brief Over View: Tunnel boat racing is the formula cars of boar racing with two of highest classes of pro racing being the F1 & F2 Class promoted around the world. These boats are capable of up to 160MPH well being powered by Outboard engines of 250Horsepower and capable of 90 degree turns making for some exciting races filled with action. There are also a number of classes that are ideal for amateur racers looking to get comfortable on the track and history as history has seen this form of racing produced some of the worlds top racers and names in power boat racing.. 


More details including hull and track examples..

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