Joey Gratton Fun Run Rings In The Year

The Joey Gratton Memorial New Days Fun in Sarasota, Florida has become an annual event to start year for many dedicated boaters. The run is a great way to begin the year for southern boaters and the perfect get away from the winter weather for those from the Northern States and up in Canada.

This year also included several small runs leading up days prior for boaters to make the most of their holiday season boating experience. Sun shine and perfect weather led up a perfectly to the big day to ring in the new year we’ll remembering the late Joey Gratton an offshore race and ambassador to our sport.

Shots from the event speak volumes by the smiles and fun had by everyone.[0]=68.ARAmxgl_IuOm0CN4W2z3P-9g5RO0W-X9shjDlCiXWMEaJqEeOVuP3c5sVc9EsBftfbXYnpCDmDn9ay6_M1RZsAVsRaXl9XwqV3T7fPm4uiU_sdRp3X_wc6Xl7K800jyuSBSjxd9qc3a08yi-akmBfMYYWO443yniqBZE4xwVJ2X6fSdbvxdBmYsxj9YpJBdUUCncecIXoIEJApfgDa6y1xouKUSKH777e1bUJ5dkkG49y3WyTPS7zqqB92bl-vmVfPmnQ1hDxtAXKK4R-i8vsg7E031qIsofiT1BMdJKdoT0fvEvGjmqPS4ZOEx2r4NZlIw3Yk0ebe-nzH3QbeAwMDhDP3vHdBTG7YLvFKRqqIvakT9e1XlzSXHdgw38uiOJpisKwOXZoybLyeimV9nNcQvdR0JshKSkOv3cLyd-1VXabMxup5A9_fofLrbDwJ6Fx51YTWyFPQQ0T40eERzlJct8fv3A5HmJFErGQPZcn1NyTOqTxtOV2rkYC1GT84eUyTyZkb4PepQ4y6agzBZ8HKuXsEh-JEl4npbqgA&__tn__=-R