Mercury Racing And Others Joining In The Fight

Companies, teams and organizations are trying to keep positive during these tough times as the shock waves from Covid-19 have been felt on both the recreational and competitive side of boating. The recent events have got some of the manufactures bringing on additional services utilizing equipment, supplies and shops to help serve the pandemic. Companies like Mercury Marine are doing their part and inspiring many companies to do the same.  

Mercury Marine and Others Joining In The Fight
Photo courtesy of Mercury Racing.

Starting with supplies Mercury Marine’s Parent company the Brunswick Corporation has through their brands already contributed 15,000 mask to first responders across the U.S along with 11,000 masks to local hospitals. Going even one step further some of Mercury Racing Staff who are working from home have stepped up with their own personal 3d printer skills to develop sewing equipment required to make the masks and have distributed them to those making mask. 

Brunswick Corporation Releases New Report

On top of this the company even developed business plan that they wish to share with others during these times. Brunswick announced the publication of a company wide sustainability report named “Thinking Beyond The Horizon” which covers their commitment to boaters the importance of future outdoor recreation. In addition to companies focus on the future the Brunswick Foundation and it brands including Mercury Marine and Mercury Racing have contributed $50,000 to the Red Cross as well as asking their employees to donate that will then be matched by company. The foundation also contributed another $10,000 to the Salvation Army. 

It is truly inspiring to see tough times bring out the best in boaters even off the water. This is just one of many companies we know doing their part to keep us all safe well trying to over come this pandemic.