Mercury Racing Releases 360 APX Outboard

Mercury Racing 360 APX Side and front Profile- Photo Courtesy of Mercury Racing

Mercury Racing makes a big announcement today as they release the 360 APX competition outboard. This motor is a high performance four-stroke V8 designed and tailored for Formula One tunnels in particularly for teams competing in the F1H2O World Championship.

The 4.6L V8 is Capable of producing 360 HP and 7000 RPM in a lightweight 4 stroke configuration mounted to a circuit racing specific 12″ mid section, making this motor is a pure race breed. With all this power Mercury is also proud to announce that this new motor also produces 90% lower exhaust emissions compared to their traditional Mercury Racing two-stroke engines that have been widely used for past years in formula boat racing.

The structural integrity of the entire motor has been designed with racing in mind as everything is built to with stand the demands and pressure put both on the powerhead and the “Evolved” Super Speed Master lower unit. From Oil pickups to withstand the G forces on the course to a cut-down fly wheels, and even carbon fibre cowling this motor has everything any Formula One driver would want to help take them to the podium.