Offshore Superboat Championships Australia Moving Foward Releasing 2020 Calendar

Despite the tough times being had in Australia as wild fires burn across the country the aussies continue to hold onto the faith and move forward into the future.

A prime example is Offshore Superboat Championships Australia. The organization has decided to release their 2020 schedule with the season starting this April near some of the areas effected. 

We’re sure this schedule could change based on how long these fires continue to burn but it nice to that they are looking to stay on track and bring some joy to fans after whats been a tough time for residents of Australia.

Round 1, Wyndham Harbour, Vic, 4 – 5 April

Round 2, Geelong, Vic, 18 – 19 April

Round 3, Hervey Bay, Qld, 13 – 14 June

Round 4, Gold Coast, Qld, 11 – 12 July

Round 5, Lake Macquarie, NSW, 17 – 18 October