Thunder on Cocoa Beach Still Remains Optimistic

The Thunder On Cocoa Beach Grand Prix has announced they will be moving forward on the season opener set for May 14th—17th. This event kicks off the P1 Superstock, OPA Racing and APBA Offshore Championship season which is looking to be one of biggest seasons of offshore racing in years. Although there is close watch due COVID-19, P1 Offshore CEO Azam Rangoonwala and OPA President Roland Smith said they will be closely monitoring the situation and following CDC and government guidelines 

“Our number one concern is the safety of not only our racers but also our race fans.

We take that into serious consideration as we plan for each race site throughout the entire season”.

As most of you know everything appears to be a day by day with the virus at this stage but we will be also keeping a close eye one things and stay optimistic for the race season to continue. We are not the only ones as teams continue to get into gear getting the boats race ready like Miss Geico who is doing some major work on the boat including a new deck/capsule.  

Thunder on Cocoa Beach Still Remains Optimistic
Photo courtesy of Miss Geico